Thursday, September 20, 2018

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Ford Focus Keyless Remote Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instruction works on this 4b remote with part # 8L3Z-15K601-B, 8L3Z-15K601-AA, 8L3T-15K601-AA, F8DB-15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AB and FCC id GQ43VT11T, CWTWB1U322, CWTWB1U331CWTWB1U345

Replacement Remote 8L3Z-15K601-B, 8L3Z-15K601-AA, 8L3T-15K601-AA, F8DB-15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AA, and 2L3T-15K601-AB, GQ43VT11T, CWTWB1U322, CWTWB1U331, CWTWB1U345
Replacement Remote

Note: When the first keyless entry remote is programmed, all existing remotes lose their programming. Therefore, if you have an original remote remaining you will need to program it along with the new remote(s).

1. Turn the ignition from position 1 to position 3 four times in 6 seconds, ending in position 1. A chime will sound.
2. Press and hold any button on the remote until a chime sounds. This indicates the remote has been learned.
3. Within 10 seconds, repeat step 2 for each remote. A chime will sound after each remote has been learned.
4. Turn the ignition to position 3 to end programming.

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