Sunday, October 2, 2016

2014 2015 2016 Chevrolet Impala PEPS Flipkey Remote Programming Procedure

Encoding Keyless Entry Remote Keys for the Vehicle:
• Only PEPS Keyfobs taught to your car will work.
• The car may be reprogrammed so that lost or stolen remote controls stop working.
• Any remaining remotes must be reprogrammed. every automobile may have as many as five remote keyfobs programmed to it.

Programming Remote Controls with a recognized remote control:
To program, your vehicle has to be off and all of the remote keyfobs, both currently programmed and new, has to be with you.
1. Put the working remote control(s) inside the cup holder.
2. Put in the key of the new keyfob into the key lock cylinder (found on the outside of the driver door) and turn the key towards the unlock position 5x within ten seconds. The driver information center (dic) displays “ready for remote #2, 3, 4 or 5.”
3. Place the new remote into the keyless fob pocket. The flipkey remote pocket is positioned inside the center console utility area underneath the cup holder. The cup holder should be removed to access the transmitter pocket.
4. Press the ignition. the moment the key is learned, the dic display will show that it is prepared to learn the subsequent flipkey remote.
5. Take away the flipkey from your key pocket and push the unlock button.
To learn extra keyfobs, duplicate steps 3 - 5. when all extra transmitters are programmed, press and hold the ignition for 5 seconds to exit the programming mode.

Programming with no programmed remote control:
It is possible to program as many as five keyless fobs. This procedure will need 30 minutes to carry out. The automobile needs to be off and every one of the keyless fobs. you wish to learn needs to be on hand.
1. Insert the key of the new flipkey within the key lock cylinder situated on the outside of the driver door and turn the key to the unlock position 5 times within ten seconds. The driver information center (dic) displays “remote learn Pending, Please wait.”
2. Hang around for ten minutes until the dic displays “Press engine start Button To learn” and after that press the ignition. The dic displays will again show “remote learn Pending, Please wait.”
3. Perform step 2 two extra instances. As soon as the third time, all previously known keys will no longer operate with the vehicle. Remaining keyfobs can be re-taught through the next steps. The dic should now show “ready for remote #1.”
4. Put the new keyless fob into the flipkey remote pocket. The flipkey pocket is positioned inside of the center console storage space beneath the cup holder. The cup holder will have to be pulled out to view the keyfob pocket.
5. Push the ignition. When the key is learned, the dic display will say that it is able to program the next flipkey.
6. Remove the key from the remote control pocket and push the unlock button.
To learn additional transmitter, repeat steps 4 - 6. When all extra flipkeys are programmed, press and hold the ignition for Five seconds to leave the teaching method.


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